For Adults Only! Here Are The 5 kinds of N!pples

All women are not alike, and we can say the same for ni pples. If you have had more than a few S3x partners, you will most probably have noticed that they are not all the same types. But have you seen them all?
1. Bumpy Ni pples: If you have encountered these kinds, do not fear. It is pretty common. The N!pple would have little bumps that look like pimples. Some women’s bump might be more noticeable than others. And they might even vary in color with each woman.
2. Inverted Ni pples: These are not quite as common but a lot of women have it. These kinds of ni pples face inwards rather than outwards. Doctors have advised massaging or sucking on them to get them to face out. Whether you believe this or not, it is still fun to try.
3. Long Ni pples: Some women have nipples that are a bit longer than average. This is no cause for alarm however, for a lot of guys have said they are really good to tease and play with. There is even a Po.rn fetish focused explicitly on long nipples.
4. Small Ni pples: Normally, ni pples get enlarged when a woman hits puberty, but some women’s nips still stay the same. Experts say this is usually related to genetics, so if you encounter a woman who has them, it most likely runs in the family.
5. Flat Ni pples: These ni pples may lay entirely flat on the bre asts. They are the opposite of the long ni pples, but they are just as Se.xy.

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