Six Reasons Why A Virg in May Not Bleed When Deflowered

I have heard of cases where a “suppose virgin” doesn’t bleed on her Wedding night. The disappointment the man would fell will be nothing compared to The pain and frustration she would feel afterwards. Here emphasis is not on self acclaimed vir gin that use fingers or cucumber etc. To masturbate..
Most men sees blood as the only way to ascertain if a girl is vi rgin or not. But that is not necessarily so.

Before you condemn that virgin, here are the reasons why she didn’t bled:

1. Some girls are born without a hymen;

2. The hymen may tear naturally when a girl plays sports or engages in any physical activity;

3. The hymen is not always smooth but tends to be perforated and that the perforations may get bigger and cause the hymen to break once a girl menstruates;

4. The hymen can be broken by the use of tampons;

5. The hymen may be very small or very elastic so that no breakage occurs at all (some women even become pregnant while their hymens are still intact);

6. A hymen may not bleed when broken.

Given these facts, it is extremely sad that women all over the world are still expected to bleed on their wedding nights as proof that they are vir gins and that they often pay severe consequences if they happen not to bleed, possibly being shamed and humiliated, instantly divorced or even killed.

To avoid such disasters, women have resorted to various tricks to ensure that they bleed, including the use of animal blood in their private parts or even cutting themselves, while wealthier women often get gynecological exams before marriage and do hymen-repair surgery in the event that no hymen is found.

There is so much confidence in the idea that an intact hymen proves virginity that the trend in many countries now is to have one’s daughter “officially certified” as a vir gin by a clinic.

This is so embarrassing for the girls that a number of them (most notably in Turkey) have committed suicide rather than be touched by strangers in this bizarre, invasive manner.

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