Video – See How Randy Elephant Escapes From Wildlife Park and Tries to Have S*x with 15 Cars


A randy elephant on heat has caused a stir and put fear in the hearts of tourists as the giant animal tried to have s*x with about 15 cars.

The elephant is said to be on heat
A randy elephant that escaped from a wildlife park tried its best to have s*x with 15 cars. The animal which was on rampage was captured on camera by the police in China’s Yunnan province.
Staff at the nearby wildlife park revealed that the elephant Zhusunya was in heat, and had been ‘erratic’, according to the Xinhua news agency.
The animal was foraging for food when it suddenly left the jungle and appeared on a crowded tourist road, where it trampled and barged into the parked cars.
An amateur video of the incident was recorded by a frightened policeman who was the first to respond to the rampaging elephant reports in Xishuangbanna Dai Autonomous Prefecture, in China’s south-western Yunnan Province.
During his 20-minute foray into civilian territory, the bull damaged no less than 15 cars, denting bodywork and crushing windscreens.
The authorities in the area revealed that the animal lost out to another elephant recently when fighting it out for the affections of a female and needed closure.
Authorities urged tourists to stay away from the site until the elephant wandered back into the forests some time later.
Staff at the wildlife park said many of the wild elephants had become active since the prefecture entered its dry season, causing them to travel further in search of food and water.
Reports said the park is now in contact with insurance companies over compensation.
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